Are you interested in marketing your business to reach more people? Then you should be aware of two marketing methods. It can be said that today is the digital age because technology is growing very fast in the world. There are now 4.95 billion internet users worldwide. Similarly, the market is going digital. Because of this, people around the world are using digital platforms for marketing. Two types of markets exist today.

1. Traditional Marketing

Essentially, it is a one-way marketing strategy. It's very expensive and easy to identify. It simulates different forms of advertising. It is mainly marketed through television, radio, and newspaper. It is a very difficult and expensive process. it only targets local locations. It has the biggest advantage that they cannot skip the ads.


2. Digital Marketing

This is the way products and services are marketed through digital platforms over the internet. It is cheaper and more efficient. it can target global people. In today's world, more than half of the market uses internet marketing. This allows us to target those who need our products and services more effectively.

Channels of Traditional Market

1. Print Marketing

  •   Magazines and newspapers are the main media outlets that promote this.

2. Direct Mail

  •  It mainly consists of product and service catalogs.

3. Broadcast

  •  Television and radio are the main media for marketing promotion.

4. Outdoor Market 

  •  This mainly includes bus taxi wraps, posters, and billboards.

5. Telemarketing

  •   Phone text messaging is the most common method for this type of marketing.

6. Window Display And Signs

  •  It is mainly used for showcasing products. In this way, the subplots can be attracted to the product.

7. One-to-One Marketing

  • In this method of marketing, the producer and consumer are confined to the same area.

8. Referral Marketing

  • Oral communication is used for this tactic. The consumer who buys a product spreads the word about its quality.

Channels of Digital Marketing

1. Website

  • In this way, more people can understand their products and services.

2. Social Media Marketing

  • By using social media, marketers market their products. It's Mainly through Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

3. Content Marketing

  • This is a marketing strategy. It mainly focuses on videos, images, articles, posters, and scripts.

4. SEO(search engine optimization)and SEM(search engine marketing)

  •  You have to use this process trick to get your website to the first page of the search results. This is an organic method. A search engine marketing strategy involves displaying ads to the audience we want to reach. This is not free.

5. Display Ads

  •  The platform is mainly used like Google's. Its website displays advertisements for its products and services.

6. Email Marketing 

  • This is a simple method. As a result, it gets more customers. It's also possible to maintain existing consumers.

7. Pay Per Click

  • The name implies that it is a pay-per-click service. Ads are repeated by running the ad on their website and, therefore, generating more marketplaces.

8. Inbound Marketing

  • This is a business methodology. In this way, conversion rights are increased.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

1. Reach Local Audiences

2 Reuse And Recycling Possible

3. Familiar Marketing Mode

4 Hard Copy Easily Processed

5. New Audiences

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

1. Static Text

2. Lack of Time To Update Message

3. Expensive Compared To The Online Market

4. Customized Marketing is Not Possible

5. Forced On the Consumer

Advantages of Digital Marketing

1. Global Reach

2. Lower cost

3. Trackable, Measurable Result

4. Personalization

5. Improved Conversion Right

6. Openness

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

1. Skill And Training

2. Time-Consuming 

3. High Competition

4. Complaints And Feedback

5. Security And Privacy Issues

Now you can decide what kind of market you want. The market you deserve as a digital marketing strategist I suggest the digital marketing market.